Dragon Ball Z Manga Box Set Review (DBZ Vol 1 to 26) / DragonBall-Z Manga Box Review

Widely acclaimed as an action-adventure masterpiece, and it really isnt hard to see why, Dragon Ball Z is indeed the greatest fighting manga ever created by none other than Akira Toriyama. DragonBall-Z (DBZ / Dragon Ball Z) Manga Box Set is a must have for any Dragon Ball fan or a manga collector alike.

The DragonBall series has a total of 42 Manga Volumes, the first 16 volumes called as the Dragon Ball, and the remaining 26 as the DragonBall-Z, we have done an in-depth review of the DragonBall Manga Box set as well, you can read that review here…

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Dragon Ball Z Manga Box Set Unboxing / Overview

DragonBall-Z – The Story ARCS / SAGAS

Raditz Saga

The Raditz Saga – Volumes 1 & 2 of the DBZ Manga 
The Saga begins with the arrival of Raditz, declaring himself as Goku’s older brother and a member of the almost extinct Saiyan race. Raditz Kidnaps Gohan, son of Goku and Chi-Chi, in order to get him back, Goku must team up with his old arch-nemesis Piccolo.

Vegeta Saga

The Vegeta Saga – Volumes 2, 3 & 4 of the DBZ Manga
Upon learning of Raditz’ death, two more powerful Saiyans, Vegeta and Nappa set their sights on using the Dragon Balls of Earth in order to gain eternal life. With Goku dead, the Earth’s warriors must train harder than ever before to prepare for the Saiyans’ arrival.

Namek saga

The Namek Saga – Volumes 5,6,7, & 8 of the DBZ Manga
After the battle with the Saiyans on Planet Earth, Gohan, Krillin and Bulma head off to Namek the home planet of Piccolo. In order for them to revive their fallen comrades, they must search the new Dragon Balls to do so. Unfortunately, the most dreaded villain in the universe, Frieza, is also searching for the very same Dragon Balls.

Ginyu Saga

The Ginyu Saga – Volumes 8 & 9 of the DBZ Manga
Ginyu Force arrive on the planet Namek upon Frieza’s summon. Led by Captain Ginyu, the Ginyu Force is the colourful and energetic special forces who serve under Frieza. Gohan and Krillin must make alliance with Vegeta if they wish to defeat Frieza’s soldiers.

Frieza saga

The Frieza saga – Volumes 9,10,11 & 12 of the DBZ Manga
After Defeating the Ginyu Force, our heroes must recompose themselves, but it’s too late as Frieza has arrived. The true battle on Namek unfolds, but will our heroes be a match for the all-mighty-powerful Frieza? Leave it all to Goku the Super Saiyan!

Garlic Jr. saga (in Anime)

Garlic Jr. The immortal, has escaped from the Dead Zone and has  returned to take the role of Earth’s Guardian for himself. He kidnaps Kami and Mr. Popo, and then unleashes the black water mist. With Goku still absent, and the whole world turning into Demons, it is up to Gohan, Krillin & Piccolo to save the people of the Earth.

Future Trunks saga

The Future Trunks Saga – Volume 12 of the DBZ Manga
Trunks travels from the future to warn of the Red Ribbon Army’s return, in the form of a pair of Androids. The Greatest Killing Machines ever known to mankind is here, created by Dr. Gero, and their only target being Son Goku.

Androids saga

The Android Saga – Volumes 13 & 14 of the DBZ Manga
After three years of training in preparation for the Androids, Goku and his friends head out to finally face them. However, after Trunks reveals that the two Androids they’ve been fighting all this time are not the same as the ones that he knows from the future. The sagas main highlight is the appearance of Androids 19, 17, 18, 16 & Dr. Gero.

Imperfect cell saga

The Imperfect Cell Saga – Volumes 14 & 15 of the DBZ Manga
The artificial human Cell has appears, and in order to achieve his perfect form, he will stop at nothing. After recovering from his heart virus, Goku awakens and decides to train with his son in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, but not before Vegeta has his opportunity first.

Perfect cell saga

The Perfect Cell Saga – Volumes 16 & 17 of the DBZ Manga
Cell reaches his perfect form after absorbing Androids 17 and 18. While Goku and Gohan training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, it is up to Vegeta and Trunks to stop him.

Cell games saga

The Cell Games Saga – Volumes 17,18, & 19 of the DBZ Manga
To celebrate his new perfection, Cell holds a martial arts tournament. IN order to prevent Earth from destruction, our heros must attain new levels of Super Saiyan once again.

Other worlds saga – In Anime

After giving his life to save the Earth from Cell, Goku finds himself once again in the afterlife. He soon learns of a grand tournament being held by the Grand Kai and plans to participate. However another powerful fighter named Pikkon stands in the ways of Goku’s victory.

Great Saiyaman saga

The Great Saiyaman Saga – Volumes 20 of DBZ Manga
After several years since battle with Cell, Gohan is now a 16 year-old  boy and enrols in high school. In order to protect Satan City from evil, he takes on the persona of the Great Saiyaman. However after Goku announces he will be participating in the next World Martial Arts Tournament, Gohan must train to prepare himself for the Tournament.

World Tournament saga

The World Tournament Saga – Volumes 21 of DBZ Manga
Goku has been granted a 24 hour release from Other World and competes in the latest World Martial Arts Tournament along with his friends and family. However all is not as simple as it seems, and the group soon find themselves wrapped up in more sinister circumstances.

Babidi saga

The Babidi Saga – Volumes 22 of DBZ Manga
The dark mage called Bibidi created a demon known as Buu five million years ago. Babidi, his son, has appeared and plans to release Majin Buu again in hopes of conquering the Universe in his father’s name. The Supreme Kai must enlist the help of the Saiyans if they want to stop this new threat.

Majin Buu saga

The Majin Buu Saga – Volumes 23 & 24 of DBZ Manga
The demon Majin Buu has been freed from his confinement after millions of years and despite his childlike appearance and mentality, boasts more power than anything our heroes have ever had to handle before.

Fusion saga

The Fusion Saga – Volume 25 of DBZ Manga
Majin Buu has reached an even greater level of power and bloodthirst. With Goku’s time at an end, Vegeta dead and Gohan off world, the last chance for Earths survival is in the hands of the two young Saiyans Goten and Trunks and their ability to pull off the Fusion technique in time.

Kid Buu saga

The Kid Buu Saga – Volume 26 of DBZ Manga
Majin Buu has returned to his original form and destroys Earth without hesitation. With Goku and Vegeta being the only surviving warriors left, the two must find a way to stop Buu or else the entire Universe will be in danger.

Peaceful world saga

The Peaceful World Saga – Volume 26 of DBZ Manga
At last peace has returned to the world. Along with his granddaughter Pan, Goku and his friends enter into another World Martial Tournament. But Goku has an ulterior motive, to seek out a 10 year old boy who is said to be the reincarnation of Majin Buu.

DragonBall-Z – The Manga Box Set

DragonBall-Z (DBZ / Dragon Ball Z) Manga Box Set is a must have for any manga collection, so much so as we dare to say, a manga collection is essentially incomplete without it.

The entire DragonBall Series is Akira Toriyama’s seminal work, and has inspired mangaka’s of all generations to give birth to some of the best seller mangas today. Eiichiro Oda (One Piece), Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto) and Tite Kubo (Bleach) are just some of the artist who seek their inspiration from The DragonBall series. Enough said.

Both the Dragon Ball and the Dragon Ball Z manga box sets have been out of print for quite some time. During that time, the value of these box sets sky rocketed. However, you are in luck now, due to overwhelming demand, these box sets have been brought back in print. We don’t believe that the stock is going to last long, so hurry and don’t miss this golden opportunity to make them a part of your collection now.


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We have done our best to click several pics of the DragonBall-Z Manga Box Set from different angles. This box set contains Vol 1-26 of the DBZ series, and comes with a know-it-all collectors booklet as well as a Premium Double sided poster.

DragonBall-Z Manga Box Set - Front View - BookReviews.TV

DragonBall-Z Manga Box Set - Front View - BookReviews.TV

DragonBall-Z Manga Box Set - Back View - BookReviews.TV

DragonBall-Z Manga Box Set - Back View - BookReviews.TV

DragonBall-Z Manga Box Set - Side View Left - BookReviews.TV

DragonBall-Z Manga Box Set - Side View Right - BookReviews.TV

DragonBall-Z Manga Box Set - Top View - BookReviews.TV

DragonBall-Z Manga Box Set - Spine - BookReviews.TV

DragonBall-Z Manga Box Set - Poster & Booklet - BookReviews.TV

What DragonBall-Z Manga Editions are available to buy?

There are several ways you can add this amazing manga in your collection, besides this gorgeous box set, which is in our opinion THE WAY TO GO, DragonBall-Z Manga also comes in VizBig Edition which is essentially 3 volumes in 1 book, and now what we have all been waiting for, the best-selling series is also in a full-color version!

We have made several posts listing all the versions of the DragonBall manga you can buy right now, you can follow them below:

Closing Remarks:

This Box set is a great way to have the DragonBall Series in your collection. As with any Viz Media Manga Box Set, the value of the Box sets sky rockets when they go out of print, which has been witnessed before. As of posting this review, the Box Set is presently in print, get it while the stock lasts.


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