Bakuman Manga Box Set Review (Vol 1 to 20)

Bakuman has made its way to the best-selling series, by none other than Tsugumi Ohba, the creators of Death Note. The best way to describe this series in one sentence is, that it is a Manga about Mangas.

If you are just getting into the Manga world, we recommend you to start with the Bakuman series. This series highlight not only the amount of hardwork that is put into creating a manga, but also the struggles and hardships a Mangaka has to bear. Once you are through with the series, I can bet that whenever you pickup any manga the next time, you would not see it the same way you do now.

After reading this series, I got an entire new perspective about the Manga Publishing World, which otherwise I couldn’t have ever imagined. If you think you excel at art, and writing a manga is a breeze, try writing a single chapter, let me tell you, it is not easy as it seems.


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Bakuman – The Story

The series is set in current time in Japan, which is the very heart of Manga Publishing World. The series revolves around Mashiro Moritaka, the male protagonists, who is a high school student, a Manga and Anime fan, and excels in drawing. Mangaka is a person who creates Manga either a writer or illustrator or both, Mashiro Moritaka will stop at nothing to achieve his dream, that is to become a Mangaka.

Mashiro’s journey to becoming a Mangaka begins when Takagi Akito, his classmate, accidentally discovers a notebook full of random sketches and drawings that Mashiro left behind.

Takagi Akito makes for what Mashiro lacks. Although Mashiro excels at art, he doesn’t have a knack for story telling. Takagi and Mashiro both team up to get published in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, which is the most popular manga magazine in the entire world, the fact remains true in the real life as well.

Writing for Shonen Jump weekly magazine puts immense pressure on the mangaka, not only does it entail to deliver chapters every week, but also to uphold the weekly fan polls. If the polls drop, the board could decide to cancel the series.

Mashiro’s Uncle, Nobuhiro Moritaka was a successful Mangaka who had a popular manga series that got an Anime. However, the weekly schedule and the pressure from getting cancelled every time his rating took a dip as compared to last week was too great for him to handle, which eventually led to his unfortunate demise.

This event left a mental scar on Mashiro’s mind and had kept him away from becoming a mangaka. As if that wasn’t enough, Mashiro is faced with yet another challenge, that is to be able to maintain a balance between his work and school.

One would imagine how could a Manga about Manga have action, well Tsugumi Ohba does not disappoint. The series is about Mashiro’s entire journey to becoming a successful Mangaka, alongside his sweet love story with Azuki Miho, his crush for as long as he could remember.

Overall it is a well written story by Tsugumi Ohba, and the art by Takeshi Obata is absolutely stunning.


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Bakuman – The Manga Box Set

We have done our best and clicked several pics of the Box Set from all angles. The Box set contain’s all the 20 volumes of Bakuman, along with a collectors booklet, and a double sided poster.

Bakuman Manga Box - Front View

Bakuman Manga Box - Front View

Bakuman Manga Box - Back View

Bakuman Manga Box - Back View

Bakuman Manga Box - Side View (Left)

Bakuman Manga Box - Side View (Right)

Bakuman Manga Box - Top View

Bakuman Manga Box - Top View (Box Open)

Bakuman Manga Box - The Spine

Bakuman Manga Box - Booklet & Double Sided Poster

Bakuman Manga Box - Booklet & Double Sided Poster

Bakuman Manga Box - Vols 1, 2, 3 & 4

Bakuman Manga Box - Vols 5, 6, 7 & 8

Bakuman Manga Box - Vols 9, 10, 11 & 12

Bakuman Manga Box - Vols 13, 14, 15 & 16

Bakuman Manga Box - Vols 17, 18, 19 & 20

What Bakuman Manga Volumes are available to buy at this moment?

At the present moment there are two options to buy Bakuman, first one being available to purchase in Single Volumes, we have created a complete list of all Bakuman Manga volumes along with links to purchase on Amazon.

The other option is to buy the entire Box Set, which is what we recommend. The Box Sets are not only cheaper as compared to buying all the Manga Volumes individually, but also has a Collectors Value. As we have witnessed before, once the Viz Media Box Sets go out of print, the value of these box sets soar sky high.


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Closing Remarks:

Who Should Read this manga? Well, anyone who is just getting into the world of manga, or an avid manga reader, this series is a must read for all. You really can’t go wrong with this series.

If you are looking for a gift for someone who is new to the Manga world, or have your kids getting started with manga, look no further. This is where you should start.

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