New Manga Releases July 2021 (TokyoPop)

Here is a complete list of all New and Upcoming Manga Releases by Tokyopop for the month of July 2021. Pre-order your copy on Amazon now, and get pre-order price guarantee. Links to buy on Amazon provided.

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FANGS, Volume 1 (1)

“What kind of guy is unlucky enough to get bitten… and survive?”

As the sole survivor of a vampire attack, En wakes up to find that his hair has gone white as snow… and, worse, that he’s developed a craving of his own for blood.

Fortunately, the vampire health and welfare organization FANGS is there to help with the transition, and the handsome Ichii steps up as his guardian and mentor. Swept up into a confusing and lonely new world where everyone seems to be hankering for a taste of his “virgin” blood, En must navigate the FANGS pairing system, an arrangement that sets up compatible vampires as mutual feeding partners… and partners in all other ways as well.  But what happens when En panics and declares that he’ll be paired with Ichii?  And what does brooding, rough-around-the-edges Ichii make of his spunky, outgoing new charge?

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Her Royal Highness Seems to Be Angry, Volume 1 (1)

In a remote kingdom, there lived a princess, adored by her subjects and wielding powerful magic. But as her land was ravaged by an endless war, she lost everything: her people, her family, her loved ones, and eventually, her own life. Until she opened her eyes and awoke in a place she’d never seen before!

A thousand years have passed, and she finds herself reincarnated into someone else’s body. Realizing the person she’s now living as is despised by her own family and even her fiancé, the former princess struggles to understand this new world and the events that have transpired since her death. There’s a lot to be upset about, but first on the list: how in the world did future magic turn out so lame?

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Laughing Under the Clouds, Volume 2 (2)

In the early Meiji era, against civil unrest and the end of the samurai way of life, Japan’s crime rate skyrocketed. As prisons overflow, the government has no choice but to build a new, inescapable prison. This prison is Gokumonjo, located in the center of Lake Biwa, which means it relies on the three sons of the Kumo family to transport criminals to it. But is Gokumonjo truly just a prison for petty criminals?

A dreaded murderer intrudes on the Kumo family’s peace and brings with him news of an ancient calamity: Orochi. As Soramaru realizes his elder brother Tenka has been hiding things from him, he begins to look to outside sources to help him become stronger. At the same time, still other outside forces begin to reach out to Tenka for his knowledge of this ancient evil. The race to find and control Orochi’s vessel begins!

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Futaribeya: A Room for Two, Volume 8 (8)

Sakurako and Kasumi live together in a one-room apartment, share a bed, and have always been together since they first met as roommates in their freshman year of high school. Now, they’ve finally reached their final year of college. As their carefree school days come to an end, it’s time to face the job market as adults! Will their relationship have to change when they’re both working?

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Disney Manga: Stitch and the Samurai, volume 2

While fleeing the Galactic Federation, Stitch’s spaceship malfunctions and he makes an emergency landing… not in Hawaii, but in Sengoku-era Japan! Discovered by the brutal warlord Lord Yamato and his clan, Stitch’s incomparable cuteness is no match for the battle-weary samurai, who decides to bring the “blue tanuki” home with him. Will Stitch’s love of chaos turn into a formidable advantage for the samurai’s influence? Or will his cute and fluffy form disarm the noble lord’s stern facade?

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Chéri, My Destiny!

“My chocolate’s so good it’ll make you grovel on your knees!”

Kaoru is brimming with confidence. After all, he opened a patisserie after studying in France, and is the head chef of his own store. But there’s one small problem; his customers are enamored with a local Japanese sweet shop and Soujirou, the attractive and reserved craftsman who makes the treats on offer.

Convinced that stuffy old Japanese confections could never compete with his modern, Western style creations, he decides the only way forward is to prove to Soujirou that his chocolates are the best. But when Soujirou accepts his gift gracefully and even compliments him on his skills, Kaoru’s intense feelings take a sudden turn in the opposite direction.

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Ossan Idol! Volume 4 (4)

A new friendship blossoms between Miroku and a fan, and MiYoShi’s popularity blossoms both onstage and behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Fumi discovers Miroku was her mysterious hero, after all! Does this mean that a sweet romance between a brand-new idol and his manager is also about to bloom?

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