New Manga Releases August 2021 (Seven Seas Entertainment)

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Happy Kanako’s Killer Life Vol. 1

A hilarious full-color manga about office politics and killers-for-hire!

Nishino Kanako sure hates her job, and is only too happy to snag the first new gig that comes her way. She never expected that her interview would be at an agency for contract killers…or that she’d be really, really good at bumping people off! Kanako doesn’t have a ton of self-confidence, and adjusting to her new life as an assassin isn’t the easiest. Will she ever earn the respect of Sakurai, her prickly but kinda hot new coworker? Find out in this dangerously funny, full-color manga!

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Pompo: The Cinephile Vol. 1

Film set chaos, creative slumps, and nervous amateur actors—this is a story about making films that’s now an animated film itself!

Gene Fini is a nervous, but devoted film fanatic working in the movie capital of Nyallywood, running errands for the baby-faced movie producer Joelle Davidovich “Pompo” Pomponette. When Pompo starts working on a new project, she gives Gene the opportunity of a lifetime. Can he prove that his passion for watching movies is matched only by his talent for filming them? Or will Gene’s dreams of cinematic greatness wither, as he spends the rest of his life making coffee runs instead of a movie?

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Bite Maker: The King’s Omega Vol. 2


Hideyoshi might be an alpha, but he’s also a cool-headed intellectual who refuses to give in to his base instincts. Ignoring his natural hunger for sex is easier said than done, however, as he gets close to going into rut! What will he do when he encounters Noel just as his desire to mate is getting out of control?

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Days of Love at Seagull Villa Vol. 3


Mayumi left the city partly to escape her toxic friend, Touko, but now Touko has followed her to the countryside! Possessive of Mayumi, Touko is determined to drive a wedge between her and Rin. As Mayumi steels herself to stand up to Touko, she realizes she’s fallen in love with Rin! Can Mayumi overcome her traumatic past to build a new future? The final volume of Days of Love at Seagull Villa!

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JK Haru is a Sex Worker in Another World (Manga) Vol. 1

The manga adaptation of the hit light novel! A tough girl in a fantasy world does what she can to stay alive in this biting isekai satire.

Haru Koyama was an ordinary student until her moron classmate got them both in a terrible accident. Now Haru has been transported to another world where only men are allowed to be adventurers. Determined to make the most of it, she takes a job in the Blue Cat Nocturne brothel to make a living the only way she knows how. No cheat abilities, no powers, just her quick wits and naughty bits!

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I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again! (Manga) Vol. 2


The daughter of the duke, Lady Violette, attempted to murder her half sister out of jealousy and was thrown into prison for her crime. After losing consciousness in jail, she wakes up one year in the past. This time, she decides to avoid attention and live a quiet and normal life. But the people around her can’t help but notice that something’s different. Despite her attempts to lay low, during a study session Violette crosses paths with the handsome prince and student council president Claudia, as well as his closest confidant Milania, and her childhood friend Yulan! And now her half sister Maryjune won’t leave her alone, either! The second volume of the rom-com about the (former) evil villainess!

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Servamp Vol. 15

The unique vampire action-drama continues!

When a stray black cat named Kuro crosses Mahiru Shirota’s path, the high school freshman’s life will never be the same again. Kuro is, in fact, no ordinary feline, but a servamp: a servant vampire. While Mahiru’s personal philosophy is one of nonintervention, he soon becomes embroiled in an ancient, altogether surreal conflict between vampires and humans.

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Rozi in the Labyrinth Vol. 2

In this lavishly illustrated manga, a young girl–guided by handsome monster boys–adventures through a beautiful and mysterious labyrinth made of back-alley streets!

In a labyrinthine world made of endless alleys, transformed humans fill the quaint stone streets and magical shops. Rozi is a young girl in this surreal and beautiful place, guided by kind supernatural men who strive to protect her from the dangers that lurk in her dazzling surroundings. An adventure full of wonder and mystery is about to begin!

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Doughnuts Under a Crescent Moon Vol. 2


The distance between Hinako and Asahi is closing! What started as a typical coworker relationship has blossomed into friendship. But now, Hinako has started to wonder if her feelings for Asahi go even deeper. Could this be love?!

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Failure Frame: I Became the Strongest and Annihilated Everything With Low-Level Spells (Manga) Vol. 2


After surviving the unsurvivable Ruins of Disposal, Mimori Touka plots his revenge against the foul Goddess, Vicius. When he hears of strange magic in the town of Mils, he believes he’s found the key to defeating her. With renewed hope and a clear path ahead of him, Touka seeks out the Forbidden Witch to begin the second act of his dark, vengeful journey!

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How Heavy are the Dumbbells You Lift? Vol. 7


Just like her muscles, Hibiki’s feelings for Machio-san are growing! Now, she must make a huge decision that could affect her whole future! With a test of courage, a festival, and TV appearances coming up, the gym gang are in for a thrilling summer bulging with opportunities to get ripped!

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Tamamo-chan’s a Fox! Vol. 3


By now, everyone knows that Tamamo is actually one of the white foxes of Inari. She’s living her high school dream to the fullest–from prepping for the long-awaited school festival to unexpectedly cutting her hair. And between Tamamo’s fox sisters and her weasel and tanuki classmates, the number of non-humans surrounding her continues to grow!

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Harukana Receive Vol. 8


At long last, Team Harukana has arrived in Ehime Prefecture, the stage for the national championships! But before the girls can finally face reigning champions Narumi and Ayasa, they’ll have to go up against some tough opponents, starting with an impromptu practice match!

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Sundome!! Milky Way Vol. 1

A sexy and out-of-this-world alien comedy from the creator of Yokai Girls!

Yoshitake, your average company drone, is out for a drive one night when he spots a UFO and crashes his car. When he next opens his eyes, he’s in his apartment, and next to him is a stunningly beautiful alien girl named Lune! She has come to Earth to save her species from extinction by claiming human seed–and sex-crazed Yoshitake is the perfect mate. Unfortunately, Lune’s alien physiology leads to an unexpected difficulty that even the world’s horniest man may be unable to overcome.

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Skip and Loafer Vol. 1

The critically acclaimed romantic comedy about a country girl chasing her dreams in Tokyo!

Mitsumi is bound for high school in Tokyo! She’s got book smarts, but this small-town girl is about to find out she’s massively unprepared for the social norms of big city high schoolers.

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I Got Caught Up In a Hero Summons, but the Other World was at Peace! (Manga) Vol . 1

An isekai fantasy that’s more about making friends than making war!

Miyama Kaito is no hero. He’s just a normal university student who gets caught up in a hero summons with an actual Hero. But even “Hero” is just a ceremonial role these days, ever since the Demon Lord was killed centuries ago. In a world where demons are chill, nobles are no longer corrupt, wars are a distant memory and there are no more epic quests to complete, what’s a regular guy to do? Why, build a harem, of course!

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Chronicles of an Aristocrat Reborn in Another World (Manga) Vol. 1

A fun isekai tale about a modern man reincarnated as a young nobleman with powerful magic!

After dying in the act of stopping a crime in modern Japan, our hero is reincarnated as Cain von Silford, third son of a noble family in a world of swords and sorcery. In his new life, all children receive a blessing from the gods…but Cain is unexpectedly blessed with an absolutely enormous, over-the-top cornucopia of magical powers. If his dream of traveling the world as a free spirit is to come true, he can’t reveal too much of his potential to the wrong people. A light-hearted, escapist adventure in another world begins!

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Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor Vol. 12


Just when Glenn and the Special Missions Annex think they’ve averted catastrophe, the Right Hand of Evil makes his final play. Using the power of his unnatural music, Zayd is ready to bring death and ruin upon Rumia Tingel and everyone at the school’s dance contest. It’s a race against time as Glenn and Sistine try to save the princess from bloody catastrophe!

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Shiori’s Diary Vol. 1

The story of a woman who decides to cheat on her philandering husband…again and again.

Shiori is a typical Japanese housewife in what she thought was a typical marriage, until she discovers her husband’s diary, chronicling his many affairs. Sent reeling by the news, Shiori seeks to heal her broken heart by sleeping with an ex-boyfriend from her school days. Her tryst rekindles her desire for sex, opening a pandora’s box of complicated emotions! An explicit, realistic manga of lust and longing by Tsuya Tsuya, a mangaka with a flair for the sensual.

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Slow Life In Another World (I Wish!) (Manga) Vol. 1

One salaryman is in for quite a surprise when his isekai fantasy becomes his all-too-real life!

Itsuki Shimomiya, exhausted office worker, has hit the jackpot…right? Reborn in a fantastical world, Itsuki finds himself with a magical skill that generates fat stacks of cash once a day. It should let him finally relax without having to bother with your usual fantasy fuss of slaying monsters, but otherworldly cost of living is higher than you’d think. With his wit and otherworldly knowledge, can Itsuki finally create a relaxing life for himself?

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Level 1 Demon Lord and One Room Hero Vol. 1

An odd-couple comedy about a has-been hero and the Demon Lord trying to whip him into shape!

The Demon Lord has been defeated by a brave warrior, but is destined to arise again! Ten years later, he emerges early from his slumber to exact his revenge. However, he returns to find that neither the world nor the legendary hero are what they once were. Can the powers of darkness triumph over…a shut-in slob?

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Destiny Lovers Vol. 7

A man awaiting his first lover becomes a prisoner of lust in this Mature-rated thriller.

Long ago, Fujishiro Kosuke declared his love to his childhood friend, Sayaka-chan. But his pledge to save his first sexual experience for her takes a shocking turn when he’s suddenly abducted and thrown into a secret prison run by beautiful women in fetish gear. His seductive kidnappers will use every kink at their disposal to try to rob Kosuke of his virginity. Who are these women, and why are they trying to break Kosuke’s solemn promise to Sayaka-chan?

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The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Wizard’s Blue Vol. 3


The alchemist communes of Paris vie to gain influence over Giselle. While they clash, the resistance group Flamme pulls on the strings that connect them, sowing chaos. Giselle and Ao care deeply for each other, but they are being steered by the hand of fate. The game in which the legendary dragon of Paris and her chosen groom are entwined is about to begin.

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Yokai Girls Vol. 14


In this thrilling final volume, Yatsuki has finally saved Rokka. But the joy of their reunion is short-lived, as Yuugo, driven wild by his oni blood, attacks the GCUP headquarters, freeing the yokai who’d been imprisoned there as test subjects! Yatsuki and company rush to the scene to form a united front with GCUP in order to stop the rampaging yokai. In the confusion, Yatsuki faces off with Yuugo. Will he be able to save his old friend from his oni blood and finally return his sister’s spirit to her body?

The final volume!

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Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest (Manga) Vol. 7


Hajime’s life is one over-the-top adventure after another, but against all odds, Shea manages to convince him to take a break from all the madness and go out on a date. Unfortunately, trouble has a way of finding Hajime regardless. The two of them wind up face-to-face with Myu, a young mermaid who’s fallen into the clutches of a nefarious organization. Does Hajime maybe have a huge paternal soft spot for this little aquatic girl…?

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Magical Angel Creamy Mami and the Spoiled Princess Vol. 2


Top idol Ayase Megumi’s career is spinning out of control. In an attempt to escape her own personal hell of small-time gigs, she teams up with an old enemy: a paparazzo named Snake Joe. Can they get the scoop on Mami and expose her secrets?!

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Superwomen in Love! Honey Trap and Rapid Rabbit Vol. 2


Ever since the former villainess Honey Trap and the superhero Rapid Rabbit teamed up, the evil antinoids haven’t stood a chance! But just as the two are settling into a groove, a new transforming hero shows up on the scene. Hina seems determined to fight evil and protect her sister Makoto, but is there more to her than meets the eye?

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THIGH HIGH: Reiwa Hanamaru Academy Vol. 2


Kiritani isn’t as busty or bulky as the other students at Hanamaru Academy, but that doesn’t mean Class 2-A’s rep is lazing around all day. First, there’s the return of an absent student to attend to, then a sports day bulging with plenty of muscle, and finally, a trip to Kyoto…including some steamy onsen shenanigans!

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School Zone Girls Vol. 2


Rei and Kei are two incredibly mischievous peas in a pod! You would think they couldn’t get any closer…and yet they still haven’t admitted their true feelings! They might be A+ delinquents, but they’re total slackers when it comes to matters of the heart. Will they ever confess to each other?

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A Certain Scientific Railgun: Astral Buddy Vol. 4

THE FINAL SHOWDOWN After taking out the ringleaders in the plot against the Shokuhou clique, Hokaze thought she might finally have a moment’s peace…until Sogita Gunha appeared and challenged her to a fight. The difference in their strength is so stark, it’s all Hokaze can do to defend against his attacks! Elsewhere, Mitsuari Ayu, the true mastermind, steadily advances her own plans. Full of hope and heart, this side story of A Certain Scientific Railguncomes to a close!The final volume!

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Chillin’ in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat Powers (Manga) Vol. 1

A charming isekai comedy about an unremarkable merchant summoned to another world to be a hero…or maybe just hang out.

Banaza, a young merchant, is summoned to an unfamiliar world to become a legendary hero! But his unimpressive stats disqualify him, and Banaza isn’t sent home, but exiled to the edge of a monster-filled forest. Fortune takes a turn when his first battle bumps him to Level 2–and his previously NPC-grade stats leap to infinity! Banaza is determined to live a normal life despite his god-level power, but his world is turned upside down yet again when he meets Fenrys–a fair maiden who happens to be a fiendish demon. Kick back and chill with Banaza’s tale of cheating his way to an easygoing existence in a thrilling fantasy world!

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Does a Hot Elf Live Next Door to You? Vol. 1

The story of a saucy elf girl who moves in next to a wannabe mangaka and sets his life ablaze–literally!

The year is 202X, and Japan has entered an age of inter-isekai exchange thanks to its light novel and manga industry! Inudou Keita is a high school student living on his own and working to become a top mangaka. When the nerdy, knightly (and cringy) high elf Surt moves next door, will she blast him sky-high for disrespecting elvenkind in his latest manga, or are other sparks going to fly?! And if not with Surt, there’s always secretive landlady Lilith, or the Gyaru Goddess Ameno Uzume! Mythical worlds are about to collide (and maybe explode!) in this sizzling isekai romantic comedy!

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Reborn as a Space Mercenary: I Woke Up Piloting the Strongest Starship! (Manga) Vol. 1

A sci-fi isekai adventure full of ray guns and girls–and don’t miss the original light novels, also from Seven Seas!

When I woke up, I found myself in outer space–and in a universe like the one in my favorite game. “With my beloved, ultra-specced-out ship, I can make a ton of money as a mercenary and live out my days on some cozy planet!” At least that’s what I thought, until this beautiful babe with mountains of debt stumbled into my arms! A space fantasy like you’ve never experienced before! Join Satou Takahiro and his crew of hotties on an overpowered starship as they speed through a strange new universe, seeking adventure!

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Call Girl in Another World Vol. 2

A fun and funny tale of a sex worker’s otherworldly adventures!

Stranded in a fantasy world inhabited by magical beings and demons, call girl Yuzuki has only one clue on how to get home again: her enchanted grimoire has a list of creatures she must pleasure in order to break the spell. Fortunately that’s all in a day’s work for this consummate professional!

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Skeleton Knight in Another World (Manga) Vol. 7

Reborn as a heroic…skeleton?! An isekai fantasy manga series, based on the light novels also available from Seven Seas!

One day, a gamer played video games until he fell asleep…and when he woke up, he found himself in the game world–as a skeleton! Equipped with the powerful weapons and armor of his avatar but stuck with its frightening skeletal appearance, Arc has to find a place for himself in this new, fantastical land. All his hopes for a quiet life are dashed when he crosses paths with a beautiful elven warrior, setting him on a journey full of conflict and adventure.

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The Kingdoms of Ruin Vol. 3

A fantasy revenge thriller that pits the powers of magic against the might of science fiction technology.

Humanity long lived in harmony with witches, but an advanced scientific revolution has made the powers of a witch unnecessary. Succumbing to resentment and fear, the greatest nation in the world begins a brutal witch hunt and eliminates all witches from the land. After being forced to watch his beloved teacher die, Adonis, a witch’s apprentice, swears revenge on the empire that took everything away from him. It’s a bloody battle between science and magic in this thrilling new fantasy manga!

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The Tale of the Outcasts Vol. 2


Marbas, a powerful demon, and Wisteria, a young human girl, are on a journey to find their place in the world. They part with Wisteria’s brother, the demon hunter, and encounter a young lady bound to another of Marbas’ kind. This is the tale of the eternal nights in which such meetings and partings ease the loneliness of this uncanny pair.

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Love Me for Who I Am Vol. 4

An LGBT+ manga about finding friendship and common ground at an untraditional maid café!

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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear (Manga) Vol. 5

A light-hearted manga about a girl transported to her favorite video game world with her magical bearsuit equipped–based on the original light novel series, also published by Seven Seas! (Now an anime!)

Fifteen-year-old Yuna prefers staying home and obsessively playing her favorite VRMMO game to doing anything else, including going to school. When a strange new update gives her a one-of-a-kind bear outfit that comes with overpowered abilities, Yuna is torn: the outfit is unbearably cute, but too embarrassing to wear in-game. But then she suddenly finds herself transported into the world of the game, facing down monsters and magic for real, and the bear suit becomes the best weapon she has!

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CALL TO ADVENTURE! Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board (Manga) Vol. 1

Based on the prize-winning web novels in Japan! In a time when dungeons and monsters have appeared in our world, a struggling modern adventurer finds a fantasy dungeon–and a special treasure–under his Hokkaido home.

Since the discovery of fantastical dungeons all across Earth, slaying monsters and clearing out dungeons has become a popular pastime. Twenty-seven-year-old Karaboshi Haruki dreams of gaining recognition as an adventurer, but he’s got two monstrous problems: he’s socially invisible and has literally no skills at adventuring. When a dungeon suddenly appears in his garage, however, he finds a skill board that allows him to level up faster. The dungeon-diving adventures Haruki has always dreamed of are just getting started!

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Desire Pandora Vol. 1

A devilish dive into exploring the hottest girls on earth…and in hell!

“Very well… I’ll give you a whiff. I am the demon Roselia, and I’ve come to grant your wish.”

Takai Tsukasa is obsessed with the female body, but what he longs for more than anything is to find the perfect armpits. One day, an elegant, blonde demon appears before him, and she has exactly what he craves. A bold, uncensored fetish fantasy unfurls between Tsukasa, his neighbor Chika, the demon Roselia, and a cast of demon girls who are hungry for more than just souls and power!

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Failed Princesses Vol. 4

Opposites attract in this new high school yuri manga!

Fujishiro Nanaki is super cute, super popular, and super annoyed with anyone as plain as her classmate Kurokawa Kanade. When Nanaki finds out her boyfriend’s cheating on her, however, her life makes a complete 180—as does her relationship with Kanade. This all-new manga series explores the budding romance between the queen bee in school and the “plain” girl she once brushed off!

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The King of Fighters: A New Beginning Vol. 6

An all-new manga for the King of Fighters video game franchise!

This slick SNK collaboration is a retelling of the recent King of Fighters XIV game for the PS4. Follow your favorite tournament characters in this lavishly illustrated, action-packed manga!

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