Christmas Gift Ideas for Manga Book Lovers

Are you looking for the PERFECT GIFT for a Mangaholic / Book Lover? Or, are you thinking of introducing your kids to the book world, but are not sure where to start? Manga is a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels, typically aimed at both adults as well as children.

Here is a list of all the HOT products to gift this Christmas season that would bring them endless joy.

Manga Box Sets

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Manga Box sets make the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT for any Manga Lover, PERIOD. Manga Box sets can retail anywhere from $40 all the way upto $200, and for the box sets that are sold out, expect to pay a pretty penny!

Demon Slayer Box Set Released on 9th November 2021, highly sought after, and already sold out, is sure to please even the most hardcore of manga collectors. If budget isnt an issue, the box set is available on Amazon at a hiked price. My personal suggestion would be not to pay over retail, since this is a temporary shortage, and the box set would be back in stock soon. Checkout the Amazon link provided for latest price and availability.

Yet another box set that is set to release on the 3rd Jan 2022, is the One Piece Box set 4. If you are planning to gift a box set to a Manga Collector, there is a pretty good chance that he/she already owns the first 3 box sets. The fourth box set would bring them joy like no other!

As mentioned before, you don’t need to shell out hundreds of dollars on a box set, there are plenty box sets that are well under $50, the Speed Racer / Pokemon / Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Box sets would make for a great present for both beginners and collectors alike.

Follow the link below for a comprehensive list of All the Manga Box Sets ever released (for all budgets) along with reviews (with actual pics) and links to buy on Amazon.

Disney Manga

Yes, Disney Manga is a thing! In recent years, Disney in collaboration with various publishing houses have come up with the MANGA version of their greatest hits, and are sure to be a hit amongst kids. These one shot manga are a perfect choice for children just getting started into manga and Disney lovers.

There are tons of Disney Manga out there, some of them are linked below.

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We have compiled a complete list of all Disney Manga available on the market today. Follow the article link below.

Star Wars Manga

Know any star wars fans? Well brace yourself because you are going to be blown away by the sheer number of Star Wars manga out there!

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I am sure you must have heard about Star Wars Phantom of the Menace,  A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, & Return of the Jedi. A complete list of all these manga volumes are listed in the article linked below.

However, have you heard of Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars: The High Republic, Star Wars: Lost Stars, Star Wars: Guardians of the Whills, Star Wars: Leia Princess of Alderaan, or Star Wars: The Legends of Luke Skywalker? These are just few of the manga versions available out there. A star wars fan would absolutely GEEK OUT!

Dragon Ball Z FULL COLOR Manga

Well if you are new to the manga world, you should probably know that 99.9% of the manga you are going to purchase are going to be in black and white. How about adding color to the manga this Christmas? DragonBall Z manga are now available in FULL FREAKING COLOR.

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For a complete list of all the DBZ color manga volumes, follow the article link below.

Latest Manga Releases

Still in doubt? Checkout the latest manga releases from the house of Viz Media. These are the absolute latest, current and ongoing manga series, some of them are on Pre-Order, so its a pretty good chance that the person you are going to gift it to doesn’t already have it in their collection.

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